Tiktok may return back to India soon: Microsoft and Tiktok deal.

Last month only India had issued a list of apps which were banned due to their Chinese ownership, Tiktok being one of them was banned as well.
India has put a ban on Tiktok due to its concern over the leaking of data information from Indians and also because of its rough ongoing relationship with the neighbouring country, China.
Recently, the US President, Donald Trump had announced that he would issue an order by Saturday, which would prohibit the use of Tiktok in the US.

Both India and the US have a problem with the Chinese ownership of the app as they doubt that it may be used against their own
Country for spying on them.

Although, Bytedance and Mircosoft were trying to reach a common ground to hold a deal in which they could have Tiktok as keep running in the US.

If the deal between Bytedance and Microsoft sails well, then there is quite a chance for Tiktok to make a return into the Indian market as well.
Tiktok had been undergoing a lot of problems due to its Chinese ownership. In recent only, they have shifted their headquarters to London and appointed Kevin Mayer as its CEO.

The entire battle which lies ahead in front of Tiktok is to prove that the user base related data has nothing to do with China.

Meanwhile, as Tiktok has been banned the other ‘short video-making apps’ in the market are enjoying a good time without their rival. Even Facebook-owned Instagram introduced a new feature called ‘Reels’ on Instagram, which is very much similar in nature and features, just like that of Tiktok.

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