Kangna again attacked Bollywood, bid – this industry is a gutter of drugs, nepotism, and exploitation

Kangana Ranaut has once again attacked the Bollywood industry. In the recent past, she has made sharp statements about the nepotism, nepotism and drugs culture spread in the industry, has targeted many top starkids and artists and in addition to the film industry, she also has two hands with the state government of Maharashtra Are done Now many Bollywood superstar production houses have filed a case accusing the top media companies of slander. With this, Bollywood Strikes Back hashtag has started trending on social media. The same Kangana has once again surrounded the Bollywood industry and has made many serious allegations on Bollywood stars.

Kangana wrote in tweets- Bollywood which is the gutter of drugs, exploitation, nepotism and jihad. Instead of cleaning it, hashtags like Bollywood Strikes Back are being used. I say, do a case against me too. As long as I am alive, I will keep exposing you all.

He wrote in his next tweet – Big stars not only objectify women but also exploit young girls, they do not allow young stars like Sushant Singh Rajput to emerge. He wants to play the role of school kids at the age of 50, even if something is going wrong in front of him, he does not take a stand for anyone.

Kangna said in another tweet that there is an unwritten law in the film industry – you hide my dirty secrets and I will hide you. This is just a measure of their loyalty. Ever since I was born, I have seen some of these film families running this industry. When will it change?

Kangana further wrote- I have been complaining about exploitation and bullying in Bollywood for many years, today an artist died because of that, if the gutter of Bollywood is being cleaned due to the death of Sushant, then why are they suffering so much? . I also have all the accounts for this.

Kangana tweeted while photographing Sushant and said that those who crawl into the Bollywood gutter now know what it feels like when they are humiliated, targeted, isolated in front of the whole country. Why do you feel like hiding or running away? You are so many wolves in the flock, the only one would feel like dying, no?

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