In Kangana Ranaut and BMC fight; the high court accepted BMC’s mistake, now BMC will have to fill the loss

The High Court has given its verdict on the case related to sabotage at the office of Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut in Palwal Hill. As per the decision of the Bombay High Court, the damage done to Kangana’s office will be assessed. The court has clearly stated that it does not support Kangana’s statement of the damage done in the sabotage.

The court admitted that all this was done to threaten Kangana and BMC’s intention was not correct. The notice given and the sabotage done were actually to threaten Kangana. The court said that the vandalism in the office should be evaluated to compensate Kangana. The person making the assessment will listen to both Kangana and BMC

Whatever compensation will be paid by BMC. The court said that Kangana will apply for the reconstruction of the office in BMC. The architect must evaluate the damage within three months. The rest of the offices, which the BMC termed as unauthorized, should be regularized. This decision of the court has been pronounced after a debate in office for almost 2 months.

As far as the objectionable statements and posts made by Kangana are concerned, the court said that they should speak thoughtfully. The court said that the subject office would have to be broken, not the things said in the tweet. A lot of work has been stopped there. The court said that although the statements made by Kangana are irresponsible, it is better to ignore such statements.

The court said that any person should say anything stupid. The state cannot use muscle power in society. The court analyzed photographs and other materials in which Sanjay Raut is threatening. Content featured in the face and video clips on the news channel. 40 percent of the demolished building and headlines printed by Samana were ‘uprooted’. The court has severely reprimanded the BMC.

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