Apple CEO tells Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, a liar!

Apple CEO Tim Cook has called Tesla owner Elon Musk a liar. In fact, a few days ago Elon Musk claimed that when his company Tesla was going through a bad situation, he offered to sell 10 percent of its shares to Apple, but that Apple CEO Tim Cook bought a stake in his company. Was refused.

In such a situation, Tim Cook reacted to the matter after a long time, saying that Elon Musk never offered to sell a stake in Tesla.

Was offered in the year 2017

Elon Musk’s company Tesla is currently the largest electric car manufacturer in the world. Let us tell you that Tesla’s total business in Europe is equal to the total business of Mercedes, Audi, Toyota, BMW and General Motors, let us tell you, there was a time in Elon Musk’s life when he was thinking of closing his company. .

In such a situation, Musk claimed that he had offered to sell 10 percent stake of his company to Apple.

Never had such a conversation – CEO

Apple CEO Tim Kuch has said that no such talks ever took place. Cook said that you know I have never spoken to Alan. Although his company and I appreciate him, I respect him. After Tesla’s electric car, now every company is bringing its own electric car in the market. In such a situation, Apple has also made a plan to launch the car.

Electric car will be launched in 2024

Apple will launch the first electric car in the market in the year 2024.

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