Italy imposed a ban on travelers coming from India, many other countries have also banned

Italy has banned travelers coming from India. The Italian government has taken this decision due to the rapidly growing Corona infection in India. Even before this, countries like Britain, Pakistan, New Zealand, Canada have imposed travel restrictions on Indians. Italy’s Health Minister Roberto Spanza said on Twitter that he has approved an order banning passengers who have visited or are coming from India in the last 14 days. India is facing a serious crisis of Corona these days. In particular, India is severely affected due to double mutation.

Due to more than 3 lakh consecutive cases every day, Corona has caused outrage in India. Every day this figure of new cases is more than three times the first wave. Talking about Sunday, India has received the highest number of cases in the world for the fourth consecutive day. Italy has banned travelers coming from India but has also exempted its citizens with conditions. For this, they have to show the Corona negative test report before the trip. Apart from this, his corona test will be done once again.

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