8 corona patients, including a doctor, died after oxygen ran out at Batra Hospital in Delhi

The death toll is also increasing with the corona patients in Delhi, the capital of the country, especially due to the acute shortage of oxygen and medicines in the hospitals, the patients are breathing. At the same time, due to lack of oxygen, eight Covid-19 patients, including a doctor, died at Batra Hospital in Delhi on Saturday afternoon. Due to lack of oxygen for the second time in this week, the patients have lost their lives.

According to sources, oxygen was exhausted at Batra Hospital in Delhi on Saturday afternoon, due to which the supply of oxygen was interrupted for about 1 hour and 20 minutes, due to which, a doctor lost his life with 8 patients due to lack of oxygen. It may be noted that all the patients including all doctors were corona infected.

At the same time, SCL Medical Director of Batra Hospital said that, “6 corona patients have died in ICU and two have died in the ward, we could not save them even after all the efforts.” Ever since this wave of epidemic has knocked into the country, we have been demanding oxygen from the government. ”

Not only this, Batra Hospital told the Delhi High Court after this incident that they had informed the administration about the depletion of oxygen, despite which oxygen arrived late.

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