WHO Allows Emergency Use of Modern Corona Vaccine

The World Health Organization has approved the emergency use of Modarna’s Covid-19 vaccine. In addition to this American vaccine manufacturer, so far, WHO has allowed emergency use of the vaccines of AstraZeneca, Pfizer-Biontech and Johnson & Johnson.

The WHO has stated that similar approval may be granted to China’s Sinopharma and Synovac vaccines in the coming days. CEO Stephen Bansell said in a statement that the Moderna vaccine has been approved after several months of waiting, as the company had delayed providing data to the World Health Organization.

Billion doses of vaccines have been given worldwide – WHO

The head of the World Health Organization has stated that a billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been given worldwide, but 82% of these doses have been given in high- and upper-middle-income countries. WHO director Tedros Adnom Gebreyes said that people in low-income countries received just 0.3% of the total vaccines.

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