Bill Gates and Melinda separated, 27 years after marriage announced divorce

Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates, co-founders of Microsoft and among the world’s richest personalities, have decided to separate after nearly 27 years. Bill Gates has given information about this by tweeting.

Giving information on Twitter, he wrote that, ‘After much deliberation and working on our relationship, we have decided to end our marriage. In the last 27 years, she has grown up raising her three wonderful children. We have also formed a foundation which works for the health and good life of people all over the world. We will still keep the same thinking and work together for this mission. However, we now feel that we will not be able to live together as husband and wife in the coming time of life, we are going to start a new life. In such a situation, people are expected to have space and privacy for our family. ‘

I met Melinda 27 years ago

Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates first met in 1987. At that time, Melinda started working as a product manager at Microsoft. In 1994, both of them were married on the island of Lani, Hawaii. He is said to have hired all the helicopters at that time to reduce congestion.

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