Electoral stir in political politics intensifies, there may be a reshuffle in the Union Cabinet instead of UP

As soon as the speed of Corona slows down, the political movement has intensified everywhere. The political race has started from Uttar Pradesh’s Lucknow to the capital Delhi, and the biggest reason for this is the year 2021. It should be noted that about 6 months of the year 2021 are about to pass and the year will come as soon as 2022, so with 2022 political Taglines like Mission UP, Mission 2022 and Mission 2024 will be heard in the streets.

At the same time, for this election battle to be held next year, Bhagadaudi, which has been going on in UP for the past several days, is the first stop of this preparation. Whose path moves towards Delhi with the political intentions of the country’s largest state.
At the same time, it has been learned from sources that there can be a big manipulation in the UP cabinet. In such a situation, many names from Maurya to Sharma have come to the fore, not only this, with the help of names, lists of up-down, up-and-down castes have been made.

news of expansion in the union cabinet

At the same time, now news has also been received that the Union Cabinet can also change. Let us tell you, information has been received that PM Modi has held a meeting with Home Minister Shah and has also talked about some work with JP Nadda (BJP President). It should be noted that this news has merit because PM Modi himself is reviewing it. What to give, the talk of changing the Union Cabinet was considered more true when PM Modi himself held a meeting in groups with different ministers. Along with this, Organization General Secretary BL Santosh also attended this meeting. If we talk about the changes happening in the Union Cabinet, then Uttar Pradesh’s fate is also associated with it and eyes are on the mandate of 2022. Let me tell you, when there were discussions about cabinet changes in UP, three names were especially emerging. These included Keshav Prasad Maurya, who is currently the Deputy CM. Arvind Sharma became a leader from IAS, close to PM Modi, second independent god and third name. In such a situation, it was being said at that time that the present stature and position of all these three names can be changed. At the same time, it was also said that Keshav Prasad Maurya, who is still holding the chair of Deputy CM, can be made the state president, while Swatantra Dev will be given the post of minister and Arvind Kumar Sharma will be given the chair of deputy CM.

However, by doing so, preparations were made for the caste equation in UP before the 2022 elections. In which Dr Dinesh Sharma, Minister Smriti Singh, Siddharthnath Singh, Shrikant Sharma, Satish Dwivedi were also present. Not only this, along with cultivating them, the BJP was also trying to prove the backward class.

But, the kind of situation that has arisen now and the news that has been received, it has become clear that it is not right now to make changes in this manner electorally. In such a situation, the change program of the UP cabinet has been changed and this program has been extended to the Union Cabinet.

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