“Ironic” – Anand Mahindra says , on China to evacuate its citizens from India.

In view of chinese citizens residing in India , who are facing ‘difficulties’ and wish to return back to their home in wake of Coronavirus, the chinese embassy issued a notice on its website , with an order to book tickets in special flights , for those who wish to return home.
This move by the Chinese is due to the increasing cases of coronavirus infected patients in India , making it as the 10th worst hit country struggling to battle the virus. With cases crossing the 1.40 lakh breakthrough.
The cost of the special flight is to be paid by the evacuees themselves. The notice asked people who have symptoms of fever-cough or who have been treated for the virus , not to take the special flight. Flights are being arranged from Delhi , Mumbai and Kolkata to Shanghai, Jinan , Guangzhou and Zhengzhou , starting from June 2. As per the MEA resources , they had over 60, 000 foreigners .

Anand Mahindra , CEO, Mahindra finds it ‘Ironic’ as the first case of Coronavirus was reported in Wuhan , China itself and now it has spread to over 190 countries. 700 Indians were evacuated back from there in the month of February only .

With a tinch of Politics , there’s visible military standoff in the Himalayas, between the Indian and Chinese troops. A dip in the relationship between both the countries has increased tension on the border. Chineese troops had infiltrated into the Indian territory in parts of Ladakh , which has resulted in standoffs over various locations. The Indian Forces are on high alert. Some may think the evacuation notice maybe a result of this increased tension but that’s very unassertive claim to be made. 

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