Sonu Sood on relationships and love life , as a man asks his help to meet his girlfriend stuck in Bihar.

Lakhs of migrant workers have been stranded across various states in India , waiting for their chance to return back to their respective homes. With the Government trying to struggle with the arrangements in order to provide adequate facilities to them , Sonu Sood proves to be a ray of hope in these tough times . He has taken up the task to provide them hundreds of buses , food and shelter as they carry out their journey to reach their homes. “Won’t rest until the Last Migrant reaches home” , Sonu said.

Sonu sood , a well known Bollywood Actor who is a Model and a Producer as well, is in news nowadays, for helping migrant workers reach their home , who are stuck in various parts of India , amidst the nation wide lockdown. He has helped about 12000 migrant workers reach their homes.
With all these successful stories of people reaching back to their homes , a man approached Sonu Sood , with the request to help him reuinte with his Girlfriend, who is in Bihar , to which Sonu replied that “Try to stay apart for few days , It’ll be a good test for your relationship”.

Sonu Sood , the man who has come across as a god-like figure to thousands of migrants , have had sleepless nights previously, all occupied in making up logistical arrangements to carry out this ‘Ghar Bhejo’ Campaign, supported by a childhood friend of his , Neeti Goel.
The first step to carry out this mission was to get in contact with government officials, that’s how he had sent the first set of 350 migrant workers to Karnataka. Then only he realised what a big deed it was as he saw huge smile on the faces of all the workers . These workers send their pictures, voice notes and messages to him from their homes along with their family , thanking him for making it possible.
He has successfully sent 12000 migrants to their homes till now and has already planned up the arrangements for the next 45000 as well. The mission is very close to his heart , the smile on the face of the migrant workers as they leave for their homes make the entire process of grind worth it in the end.

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