India becomes the 5th worst hit country by Covid-19 , leaves Spain behind.

India’s Covid-19 tally stood at a total of 246549 infections nationwide , as of 6th of June , 2020. India overtook Spain which had a total of 241310.

India has set a new record for itself by having 10k cases in the last 24 hours, 10434 fresh cases were recorded to be precise. Not only that but it also recorded the highest number of deaths , as 297.

The only thing which brings a little bit of relief to India is that the death rate over here isn’t as bad as it’s in Brazil, Spain or the UK , even at similar stage of cases.

Till now , India has witnessed a total of 6,939 deaths due to the virus .
Earlier the highest number of deaths in a day was 295 and the highest number of cases were 9651. Both of these were observed this week only but changed drastically very soon.

Once again, Maharashtra came across as the number one state to have the highest number of Covid-19 infections in a single day , at 2739 .
Along this , 9 more states of India, had their highest number of Covid-19 infections in a single day , those states were as follows:
1. Tamil Nadu – 1458 new cases
2. Bengal – 435 new cases
3. Haryana- 355 new cases
4. Assam – 244 new cases
5. Jharkhand – 106 new cases
6. Andhra Pradesh – 210 new cases
7. Telangana- 206 new cases
8. Odisha – 173 new cases
9. Goa – 71 new cases

Delhi which observed new 1320 cases of infection , to open up its Borders from 8th of June , 2020 onwards. Also , on the same day they would open up Shopping Complexes and Restaurants.

In the list of worst hit countries by the novel Coronavirus, India is just behind the following countries with their respective Covid-19 infection tallies as :
1. The US – 1906060 total cases
2. Brazil – 614941 total cases
3. Russia – 458102 total cases
4. The UK – 286294 total cases
The death rate of India is at 6% whereas the discharged rate – recovery rate is at 94% .

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