Shiv Sena leader mocks Sonu Sood .

Shiv Sena leader , Sanjay Raut mocked Sonu Sood for helping migrant workers , stranded across Mumbai.”Soon meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and become the celebrity manager of Mumbai” , Raut commented on Sonu.

Raut wrote in his editorial , ‘Saamna’ , that a new , “Mahatma” named Sonu Sood has appeared out of now where . He mentioned that , ” It is being said that Sonu Sood transported millions of migrant labourers to his home in other states.” He further added, that the government of Maharashtra has also praised “Mahatma Sood for his work.”

Raut made an attempt to slam Sonu for what he’s been aplauded for nationwide. Raut claimed that , Sonu’s actions suggest that the Central and the State Government have failed to perform their duites and it is him only , the only ray of hope to help out poor mingrants , who have been left stranded , to reach out to their homes.

He even questioned , as how was Sonu able to arrange buses amidst the nation wide lockdown.”When the states are not allowing to take any migrant workers , where are the migrants going? ” , asked Raut . In an attempt to call out Sonu , Raut put up certain questions and remarks in order to downgrade him.

Depsite this , the entire social media is flooded with in praise of Sonu , that how he has managed to help out thousands of migrants reach their homes , safely. Sonu has launched a toll free helpline number for the migrants , so that they could be sent to their respective homes , safely.

Sonu also made it to the news recently , that he had helped 28000 people to be safe , when the cyclone Nisarga had hit Maharashtra.

Recently , the Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari had met Sonu at Raj Bhavan , where Sonu informed him about the work he had been doing to help out migrants , he was praised by the Governor and ensured for all support from their end as well.

Sonu has done a tremendous job in arranging buses for the migrants who came from far off states like Karnataka , Bihar , Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand, etc. He has been involved in making all these arrangements along a childhood friend , who has been supporting him in this since day one of this mission. 

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