“Are you gonna shoot us?” , said 5 year old at George Floyd protest.

A 5 year old little girl , asked a cop “Are you gonna shoot us ?” , during the George Floyd protest. In order to comfort the little girl, the cop went down on one knee , wrapped his arm around her and said to her that “We’re not here to hurt you at all”. The video also had a part, where the police officer was seen saying “You can protest, you can party , you can do whatever you want . Just don’t break nothing”.

At this point of time , the US is witnessing thousands of demonstrations all over the nation , against police brutality and racial injustice. Amidst so much of tension and heat , this one video , of a police cop , comforting a 5 year old little girl , went viral all over the world.

The video is from Houston , Texas , where a police officer is seen kneeling on the ground and comforting a little girl by saying “We are here to protect you.” The video was captured by the little girl’s father only.

Simeon Bartee , the girl’s father spoke to ABC news on this video being viral. Simeon explained the entire incident in great detail , he told as he was attending a George Floyd protest in his hometown only , there were a lot of police officers in riot gear , seeing them , his daughter got scared and began to cry. His crying daughter caught the attention of one of the police officers , who approached her and then comforted her , on seeing her worried.

Bartee even mentioned that he wants to thank the officer for giving him a different perspective towards police , not only to him but his little 5 year old daughter as well. He further went on to explain that why George Floyd’s incident had hit him so real , to which he expressed that his own brother was victimized of police brutality in 2016. His brother was left with a broken nose and eye socket damaged, it was so bad that the surgeons had to use a metal plate in his face and all this had happened when he was attacked by a group of 5 officers during a trip to the medical section of the Harris County Jail.

“We have dealt with a lot of pain from that and it’s kind of gone full circle for me now” , Bartee said . “I just want to tell the officer that thankyou for giving me a different perspective on what police officers , the good police officers are like ” , he further added.

As the US is currently bombarded with protest against police brutality, this one incident , has gained alot of people’s change in opinion and praise as well. This comes across as a new point of view , that not all the police officers need to be generalised.

With the video being shared million of times on the internet, several debates sprang up , one was such that whether the kids , who are this small in age , should be taken to protests , considering the fact that there’s quite a chance of the protests to turn out in a violent one.

George Floyd was a 46 year old black man , who died in Minneapolis, Minnesota on the 25th of May , 2020, after a white police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes while George was handcuffed and lying face down on the street. This incident has put the entire US public in alot of rage againt racial injustice and police brutality . The nation seems to be divided , as thousands of protests are being carried out to get justice for all the black lives lost till now. 

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