Delhi Riots: Police file charge-sheet against 6 in connection to murder

Special Investigation Unit (SIT) of the Delhi police on Sunday filed charge-sheet against 6 people in connection with the murder of a 85 year old lady Akbari Begum during the Communal Riots in February.

Police said the The charge-sheet was filed before a Metropolitan Magistrate of the Karkardooma Court.

Akbari Begum lived with her family on Gamri Road in the Bhajanpura area of Northeast Delhi. She died due to suffocation and asphyxiation.

As per the police reports, On February 25, a mob attacked and set the house on fire. Other family members climbed to the rooftop but the deceased due to her old age could not do so and died in vain suffocating.

“The body was found lying on a folding bed,” the police said.

The body was recovered from the second floor of the house after the arrival of the fire extinguisher team.

A FIR was lodged by Saeed Salamni, the son of the deceased after which the investigation started.

In his complaint, he said his four-storey building was allegedly torched by the mob, destroying his garment workshop, burning his house and looting jewellery and cash from them too. Salmani had gone out to purchase milk when the incident took place, the complaint said.

“On the ground and first floors was a garment workshop. The family of the complainant was living on the second and  third floors of the four-story house. The police rescued the family members from the rooftop. But the deceased couldnt be rescued,” the Crime Branch said in a statement.

The investigation was first done by the police but after assessing the gravity of the crime it was transferred to the SIU of the Crime Branch. 

The court has put up the matter for consideration of the charge sheet on June 21.

Arun Kumar, Varun Kumar, Vishal Singh, Ravi Kumar, Prakash Chand, and Suraj Singh have been identified as the six people involved in the murder against whom the charge-sheet have been filed.

They have been charged under sections 302 (murder), 307 307 (attempt to murder), 396 (dacoity with intention of murder) 436 (mischief by fire or explosive substance), etc, of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

 Social media videos that went were procured and taken on record, mobile phones used to make these videos were seized for forensic examination and the owners of those phones were also tracked by the SIU to identify the convicts.

Statements of eyewitnesses, police, and people in and around who helped dousing the fire were recorded too.

Based on the statements, video and other technical evidence, including call detail records (CDRs) those six people have been arrested.

Police have said further investigation is going on to find others accused of the case.

Communal clashes had broken out in northeast Delhi on February 24 after violence between citizenship law supporters and protesters spiralled out of control leaving at least 53 people dead and around 200 injured.

During these riots many houses have been burned and people maimed.

On Saturday the SIU had filed another charge sheet against seven people involved in the murder of a 27 year old named Rahul Solanki. He was a law student who met his death in the same riots.

Solanki was shot near Shiv Vihar on February 24.

As per the charge sheet the police said, “During investigation, it was established that the deceased had gone to a shop in the locality when he was shot dead.”

With the help of CCTV footage, statements of eyewitnesses, and CDRs, the seven accused have been arrested. 

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