Pregnant woman dies in ambulance , as hospitals decline to admit her.

An 8 months pregnant  woman lost her life as she was suffering  from the novel Coronavirus and a total of 8  hospitals had declined to admit her in the last 14 hours. The incident took place in Noida , Uttar Pradesh. The 30 year old woman lived her last breath in an ambulance , going from one hospital to another, seeking for help. Either the hospitals referred her to some other facility  or they had shortage of beds. 
This incident came across as ironical , since  the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath has been constantly assuring the public of his  state about the sufficiency at the medical end. 
This disastrous event had took place with late Neelam Kumari, who was about to bring her second child into this world and was infected with Covid-19 as well. Neelam was a resident of Ghaziabad. The incident took place as follows , when she felt labour pain , her husband along with her other family members rushed her to the ESIC hospital, located in sector 24 of Noida. She experienced the pain at somewhat near 6 am in the morning , just then she was rushed to ESIC in an auto , which was owned and driven by one of her family member’s only.  
Neelam used to work at a wire manufacturing company so she had the medical card of ESIC . ESIC Hospital staff took her inside , gave her oxygen for some time and then referred her to the district hospital in sector 30. They didn’t admit her and even declined to examine her. They said as Neelam is from Khoda district, she should get herself treated from there only as it comes under Containment zone. After ESIC , Neelam was taken to Shivalik Hospital , which is in sector 59 . Over there as well , they declined  to admit her and said that they should consult some better hospital .“No referral slip was given” , told Shailendra to TOI , who drives an auto-rickshaw and is Neelam’s brother in law. Around 11 am she was taken to Fortis Noida but again hit a wall as “The staff said that they didn’t have a vacant bed and a ventilator and asked us to take her to somewhere else as her condition was serious” , Shailendra said . After this she was rushed to Jaypee Hospital , in Sector 128. The hospital declined to admit her saying that she had Covid-19 and for this they further recommended her to GIMS or Sharda Hospital, as both were dealing with Covid-19 infection cases . They took her to Sharda Hospital and even deposited 4500 rupees there but even they declined to admit her as they didn’t have any vacant beds. Neelam’s situation was getting worse so they even contacted on 108 for ambulance but didn’t get any response, so they had to finally resort to a private ambulance for 5800 rupees.  

In the ambulance she was provided with oxygen support and using it she was taken to GIMS , which claimed no vacant beds were there. With very little hope from  there they went to Max Hospital in Vaishali but got rejection from there as well. They decided to take her back to GIMS only but before they could reach there , Neelam had already lost the battle of Covid-19  and life as well.

Multiple investigations are being made in this case , several authorities  have been contacted to take action and prevent any such act of carelessness  with anyone in future.  As India climbs up on the 5th position in the list of the countries worst hit by Coronavirus , such incidents are no surprise. The only thing to be scared about is how many more like Neelam  will be sacrificed in the upcoming days as the COVID-19 infection spread isn’t coming to a halt and is spreading like a wild fire. From Fortis to big doctors , a lot of them  have given an official statement on Neelam’s death , in order to defend themselves but the real question arises, that all those ministers which claim India’s medical service structure  to be all intact and ready to dethrone Corona , is it really so or are these just lies for false hope. With everyday passing , thousands of new cases of Covid-19 are being recorded , who takes the guarantee  that  god forbid, none of us has to see the same fate as Neelam did. 

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