India records new 10,000 COVID-19 infections in the last 24 hours.

India recorded the highest single day spike with 9987 cases in the last 24 hours , as of 9thh of June , 2020. With a total death count of 7466 cases . The Covid-19 infection tally of India stands at 266598
As per the Union Health Ministry data , 48.47% have already recovered.
266 new deaths have been recorded in the last 24 hours , which were in the various states as follows :

  1. Maharashtra – 109 deaths
  2. Delhi – 62 deaths
  3. Gujarat -31 deaths
  4. Tamil Nadu -17 deaths
  5. Haryana -11 deaths
  6. West Bengal -9 deaths
  7. Uttar Pradesh -8 deaths
  8. Rajasthan – 6 deaths
  9. Jammu and Kashmir – 4 deaths
  10. Karnataka -3 deaths
  11. Madhya Pradesh- 2 deaths
  12. Punjab – 2 deaths
  13. Bihar – 1 death
  14. Kerala – 1 death
    India has climbed upon the 5th position in the list of the countries worst hit by the novel Coronavirus infection. India’s just behind the US , Brazil , Russia and the UK.
    The only relief which India can get despite of such humongous number of Covid-19 infections is that , the death rate here isn’t bad as other countries , struggling with the virus. India has already started with Unlock 1.0 , since March 25 India was in a nation wide lockdown. As June began , the lockdown has be relaxed. A lot of relaxations have been made , from Religious places to Shopping Malls. , except for the Containment zone.
    Vaccine discovery is the only hope to save the world from coming to an end. A total of 130 vaccines are being worked upon different parts of the world , many of them have even entered in the clinical trial stage . India’s 4 out of 14 vaccine candidates are ready to enter the clinical trial stage.
    Maharashtra is on number one position in the list of the Indian states worst hit by the virus . Delhi has decided to open up its borders from 8th of June, 2020 onwards. As per reports , Delhi is expected to witness 15k more cases of Covid-19 at least in the upcoming month.
    The only thing to be scared about is that , as thousands of cases are being reported every day , will the Indian medical system, shall be able to accommodate the treatment of so many infected patients , as already many incidents of shortage of beds are being reported and the war with Corona still is in force.
    The Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal has self-quarantined himself , as he was suffering from fever and cough. Coronavirus is spreading like a wildfire . It does no discrimination and infects everyone , be it rich or poor.

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