Indian , Chinese troops have begun to pullout in certain regions of Ladakh. 

The Indian and Chinese troops have started to withdraw. They have already pulled out their respective troops from Galwan valley and 2 other areas of Eastern Ladakh. Though this comes across as a mutual action , that both the countries are ready to clear out the conflict via talk rather than military force.

No changes have been observed in areas like Pangong Tso and Daulat Beg.
There has been month long standoff between the two countries . Tension was seen increasing at the borders.
As of now , no official statement regarding the disengagement has been issued by the Defence Ministry or the Ministry of External Affairs.

Meanwhile in India, BoycottChinaProducts has been trending a lot. Famous personalities like Milind Soman and Sonam Wangchuk took to various social media platforms to spread the word .

Mobile applications like Tiktok , ClubFactory , Helo and many more were receiving backlash due to Chinese ownership of these apps. Many people were seen encouraging others to stop the use of such apps , in order to take revenge from China.

With Boycott China , Indians aim to cripple off the Chinese economy as China supplies quite a significant amount of products to India. As there was tiff between the two at the country border , Indians didn’t want to help out the Chinese by buying their products, from which they would in turn finance arms for themselves to fight the Indian army.

Since the 5 th of May , 2020 , India and China were in a month – long confrontation, following a violent clash between the two in the Pangong Tso region. This was the biggest military standoff between the two nations after the 2017 Doklam standoff.

Few days back both the nations on a mutual end decided to have a dimplomatic talk in order to clear out the differences.
A statement was made by the Chinese Foreign Ministry , that both the countries have agreed to work to mantian peace along the Line of Actual Control and resolve the standoff through talks .
As per reports the meeting has taken place in a ‘cordial and positive atmosphere’ and both the sides had mutually agreed that an ‘early resolution’ will help out for the development of relationship between both the nations.

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