Rs. 3 lakh as the minimum bill for COVID-19 Treatment : Saroj Hospital , Rohini , Delhi.

A minimum bill of Rs.3 lakh will be charged from COVID -19 patients by Saroj Super Speciality Hospital and Saroj Medical Institute , located in Rohini , Delhi .

Back on June 4 , a circular was issued internally by Saroj Hospital , saying that “Rs. 3 lakh will be the minimum bill irrespective of the number of days of stay or category of each patient.” The circular mentioned that its for “all concerned in the hospital and all panels” . The circular has segmented different packages for different categories , for the services which are to be provided by the hospital.

The circular has been issued , “as per the order by thr management and for immediate implementation.”

The circular quotes the following charges:
Category 1 – Rs 40,000 package for two and three-bedded admissions.
Category 2 – Rs 50,000 per day for single room and private category services.
Category 3 – Rs 75,000 for ICU services.
Category 4 – Rs 1 lakh per day for ICU and ventilator services.

From the hospitals side , a senior administrative officer said that the rates have been shared with Delhi Government for final approval.

A clarification has been issued by the Hoospital themselves as the circual is being widely circulated on various social media platforms. “It has been brought to our notice that an out of date circular which was for panel patients is. eing circulated on social media about charges of treatment for COVID-19 patients . We confirm that Covid patient’s admission started only from June 8 and they are being charged as per the revised treatment cost declared by the government of Delhi on June 6. We at ‘Saroj’ encourage treatment at home and have offered a package less than than Rs. 1900 per day including Covid kit. We urge you to not believe in hearsay” , this statement was issued by them on their Official Facebook Page.  
Few days back , several cases of black-marketing of beds , meant for the Covid-19 infection patients , were being repoerted.
A pregnant woman from Ghaziabad , suffering from Coronavirus, was denied treatment by 8 hospitals in 14 hours and lost her life due to negligence. Just like this , a woman claimed that her Father lost his life due to Coronavirus only as he was declined by hospitals under the name of ‘no vacant beds’ . 
On seeing such incidents being reported , Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, had warned all the hospitals to not to indulge in black marketing.  

” False refusal cannot be tolerated and admitting Coronavirus is non-negotiable…There are some private hospitals which are resorting to such means . First they say they don’t have bed and when patients insist , they deman a huge amount. Isn’t this black marketing of bed ? … I am warning those who think they will be able to do black-marketing of beds using the influence of their protectors from other parties, you will not be spared” , said Kejriwal.
The Kejriwal Government has also come up with a special mobile application which tells about vacant beds in the national Capital. The app is updated twice a day. If a hospital shows vacant bed but the staff refused to admit then the public can lodge a complaint about the same by calling upon the helpline number 103.
As per reports , by the next month Delhi would be needing 15k more beds , as spike in the infection cases is expected .

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