Delhi CM may announce lockdown again.

There are speculations that , Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal may announce lockdown again in Delhi , from 15th of June , 2020. On seeing the increasing cases on COVID-19 infections in the national capital , such step maybe taken.

Recently, Arvind Kejriwal had a meeting with Amit Shah , the Union Home Minister. No official statement or announcement has been made yet though.

From 8th of June , 2020 Delhi CM had declared the opening of borders. Religious Places, Shopping Malls and Restaurants were allowed to re-open , with certain rules and regulations. Now , there are speculations , that Banquet Halls , Stadiums and Hotels maybe converted into quarantine centre soon , seeing the spike in the number of cases.

As per some reports , Delhi may cross 5.5 lakh COVID-19 cases by July. 15k more hospital beds are needed to accomodate all those infected.

Arvind Kejriwal recently launched , a mobile application which shows the status of vacant beds in hospitals of the National Capital. The app is updated twice a day , once at 10 am in the morning and other at 6 pm in the evening. If any hospital shows empty number of beds but still refuses to admit , then one can lodge a complaint about the same on the helpline number 1031. Kejriwal had even warned hospitals of Delhi to not to indulge in black-marketing of vacant beds which are for COVID-19 treatment. Few cases were reported where a woman had clained that her father had lost his life as he was suffering from Coronavirus but was denied to admit by the hospital.

The COVID-19 infections have already crossed the 32k mark in Delhi . In the last 24 hours , 1500 cases were reported here. The death toll in Delhi stands at 984.

India is on the 5th position in the list of the worst hit countries by the novel Coronavirus. It is just behind the US , Brazil , Russia and the UK. Till now , India has recorded , 289936 COVID-19 cases and 8143 deaths. 

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