Will Continue Lockdown, If rules are broken , says Uddhav Thakrey. 

“Lockdown may continue if this happens . But I am confident that people will listen to government’s rule and guidelines as it is taking care of their welfare ” , said Uddhav Thakrey , Chief Minister of Maharashtra on the 10th of June , 2020.

Since the time Unlock 1.0 has been implemented, some people are exploiting the relaxations that have been made and aren’t even following the social distancing norms. Recently in Maharashtra only, people were seeing crowding while boarding the buses. Such incidents are nothing but breaking of rules , gathering in public places is still prohibited.

Maharashtra is still the number one state with the highest number of COVID-19 infections in India . Maharashtra’s COVID-19 infection tally has alone surpassed the entire China’s tally of infections .

The total number of cases in Maharashtra are 94041 , with Mumbai having 52667 cases alone itself. The state has witnessed 3438 deaths till now. The recovery rate of Maharashtra is 47.34% and the death rate is 3.65% .
The Maharashtra government has extended its lockdown till 30th of June , 2020. With relaxations in certain non-containment zones.

The Shiv Sena lead government, has allowed government offices to work with 15% of the staff and private offices with 10% of the staff. All the office goers would have to undergo thermal screening and follow social-distancing norms.

Taxis , Auto-Rickshaws and Personnel Vehicles have also been allowed but with certain rules and regulations.

On the 8th of June , 2020 , Uddhav Thackrey, had again made the demand for the resumption of local trains, for those involved in providing essential services. The local-train services will give a relief to the intra-city buses that are been over worked right now as they have to undergo the entire load as it’s the only convenient mode of public transportation for those who travel long distance in Maharashtra.

The Maharashtra CM spoke to the media after the Business Advisory Committee Meeting. The Monsoon Session of the Assembly had been postponed to the 3rd of August, 2020 , earlier it was going to take place on 22nd of June , 2020 , it has heen postponed as the country is struggling to deal with the pandemic, Coronavirus.
India itself has recorded a total of 287155 cases of Coronavirus by now , with 8107 deaths as well. India has climbed up on to the 5th position to be the worst hit country by the novel Coronavirus.

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