Debate turned into heated argument: Nishant Verma threatens to kills Sambit Patra

On Thursday 11 June, historian Ramachandra Guha quoted British writer Philip Spret as a tweet about which politics intensified. According to Guha’s tweet, Gujarat is economically advanced but culturally backward. The opposite is true in Bengal. He is financially backward but culturally far ahead. In response to Guha’s tweet, Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani said that now people of the elite group want to divide Indians.

This same tweet by Ramchandra Guha was debated live on Republic TV. While Arnab Goswami was the anchor of the debate, the panel consisted of BJP-related Patra and political analyst Nishant Verma came before him. There was a fierce debate between the two on this issue. There came a time in the debate when Sambit Patra told Nishant Verma that why do you people hate Gujaratis so much?

Nishant was enraged at this comment of Sambit Patra and started saying that if not stop lying then I am telling you I will hang you upside down from the fan. Hearing such a reaction from Nishant Verma, the concerned too was baffled and started saying try even place a hand on me. Both kept attacking each other.

Sambit started saying that Arnab should ask Nishant, a goon butcher  to leave the debate, while Nishant again said in a threatening tone that if I do not agree then I will hang it upside down in the fan. The anchor of the show somehow managed to calm down the matter.

The video of this debate is going viral on social media. BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra also shared the clipping of this debate on his social media account and wrote – “I will hang you upside down with a fan” and “I will run you through the fan” … this is a threat to kill you On TV .. by the supporters of Congress .. they have their tolerance .. they have “freedom of expression”.

Sambit Patra after sharing the video of the debate on his Twitter account, people started reacting, one user wrote that such a situation happened for Congressmen after going to power. It is said that after a few days they will dance on the streets tearing their clothes, the government needs to open separate nuts for them.

Some people are taking their anger out on Sambit Patra as well, a user has written that the anger related to it is not right, the nerve of the brain will explode, now it has just escaped from Corona, but now you started to cultivate hate.

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