Disputed Indian territory included in the new map paased by Nepal Parliament.

The Parliament of Nepal passed an amendment on the new political map which includes the following disputed Indian territories.
1. Lipulekh
2. Kalapani
3. Limpiyadhura
The above have been included as part in the Constitution of Nepal.

This controversial bill was passed on 13th of June , 2020. The bill was passed with a majority of 258 votes out of 275. There wasn’t a single member who voted against the bill.
A two-third majority of the 275 – member lower house is required to pass any bill.

The current major opposition parties of Nepal , Nepali Congress (NC) , Rashtriya Janta Party – Nepal ( RJPN) and Rashitriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) also voted in favour of the bill . This was done in order to amend the Schedule 3 of the constitution to update the national emblem by including the new map with disputed Indian Territories.

On the 9th of June , 2020 , the Parliament of Nepal had made a proposal to consider the constitution amendment bill to pave way for endorsing the new map.

Now the National Assembly has the role to play , the bill shall be sent over there and will undergo a similar process. The ruling , Nepal Communist Party requires two-third of the majority in the National Assembly .
Once the National Assembly passes the bill , it will be forwarded to the President, who shall aprove it for authentication, then only it will incorporated in the constitution.

Pradeep Gyawali , the Foreign Minister of Nepal , had said that the is no room for change , all these have been taken by the common interests of all the political parties and this is going to be “permanent”.
Gyawali had said that “The decision to change its map came after India made changes to its map during the reorganisation of Jammu and Kashmir on November 2, 2019. “Nepal’s decision is permanent because those territories belong to Nepal and there’s no ambiguity over that. However , a dialogue is required to formally recognise which part belongs to Nepal” , Gyawali had further added.

Earlier India had already issued a warning to Nepal , not to engange in any “artificial enlargement” of territorial camps , when Kathmandu had released the new map.  

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