Arvind Kejriwal and Amit Shah hold a meeting as Coronavirus cases rise in Delhi.

Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal had a meeting with Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, in concern over the rising COVID-19 cases in Delhi. The meeting took place on 14th of June, 2020 in the morning. The meeting included Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi , Manish Sisodia , Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal and Dr. Randeep Guleria ,Director of AIIMS .

This is the second meeting between Arvind Kejriwal and Amit Shah, since the spread of novel Coronavirus took place. Delhi is on the 3rd number in the list of the sates worst hit by the Coronavirus in India.

The meeting took place at 11 am in the morning , after the meeting Kejriwal had made a tweet and called the meeting as a “productive” one .

Few points have been made after the meeting :
• 500 railway coaches to be converted into isolation wards which will serve as 8000 beds .
• In Containment Zones , contact tracing shall be done from house to house , by testing out each person .
• Coronavirus tests to be doubled in two days and then tripled in number in the next six days .
• New guidelines shall be announced for cremation ceremony.
The meeting took place just after the Supreme Court had slammed Delhi Government , for the “horrendous” conditions of COVID-19 patients in Delhi Hospitals , that their bodies are being treated worse than that of “animals”.

Few days back , Kejriwal had announced Delhi Hopsitals to be reserved only for the treatment of Delhi citizens but the Lieutenant Governor , Anil Baijal , who represents the Central Government, had declined this request.

Delhi has a total of 38,958 Coronavirus cases and has already witnessed 1214 deaths , as per the records.
Delhi is just behind Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra in the list of the states worst hit by the virus.  

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