UP: 2 accused arrested for threatening to blow up CM residence in Gonda

The police have arrested the accused who threatened to bomb the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister’s residence in Gonda district. Police will share complete information on this matter in a press conference.

In fact, on June 12, the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister’s residence and many other important places were threatened with a bomb. This threat was given at the call center. The administration immediately increased the security of Chief Minister’s residence, 5 Kalidas Marg, taking cognizance of the matter.

The police were involved in the investigation of the entire case only after receiving the threat. The UP police was doing the job of finding the accused, which was successful on Sunday and arrested the accused from Gonda.

The accused had given the message of threatening to blow up the Chief Minister’s residence and several other important places at the call center. Yogi Adityanath was threatened with a bomb by sending a message to the WhatsApp number of the emergency service number 112 of the UP police.

In Uttar Pradesh, there was a threat to blast in different places. It was written in the message that we will blast all over UP and the government will keep watching. Security of the Chief Minister’s residence was increased after this threatening message. Checking was done from the Dog Squad and intensive checking was also started in the VIP area next to the Chief Minister’s residence.

Earlier too, a young man was arrested from Mumbai on the charge of threatening CM Yogi. The young man’s name is Kamran, he was arrested by Maharashtra ATS and UP STF. Even after Kamran’s arrest, CM Yogi received a threat. The threat was given on the social media help desk of the UP Police. It was said in the threat that the person arrested from Mumbai should be released, otherwise he should be ready to bear the consequences.

The accused youth had called on the social media help desk working at Lucknow Police Headquarters on May 22 and threatened to kill UP CM Yogi Adityanath in a bomb blast. A case was registered with the Gomti Nagar police station regarding this threatening call.

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