Chennai and 3 other districts to have complete lockdown.

Chennai and parts of Chengalpattu , Kancheepuram and Thiruvallur districts will undergo complete lockdown from 19th of June , 2020 onwards . This step has been taken to put a halt on the rise in Coronavirus cases .

Tamil Nadu is amongst the list of the states worst hit by the novel Coronavirus. Earlier the Government had declared that it had no plans of announcing a lockdown again but just in , an announce has been made to have lockdown in Chennai and three other districts. The lockdown shall be followed from 19th of June to 30th of June , 2020.
Only essential services and emergencies shall be entertained in this lockdown.
Whereas Grocery shops , Mobile Shops and Petrol Pumps shall be allowed to open from 6am in the morning to 2pm in the afternoon.
Private vehicles shall be allowed to travel within 2km of a distance from their homes .

The following services shall still remain active in these 4 districts :
• Hospitals , Pharmacies and Ambulances.
• Auto and Taxi Cabs allowed only for medical emergencies.
• State Government Department allowed to function only with 33% of the work force , for services like Public Health, Police and many more alike.
• Central Government Departments also allowed to function with 33% of total work force.
• Banks are allowed to function on only 29 and 30th of June , 2020 , that too with 33% of the work force.
• ATMs allowed to continue for the entire period .
• People who live in Containment Zones and wish to go to their jobs , shall seek permission for it first.
• Public Distribution Shops (PDS) allowed to open from 6am to 2pm, except for Containment Zones, where Ration shall be delivered on door steps .
• E-passes will be permitted to those who wish to travel out of Chennai , for Wedding, Death or Medical Emergency.
• Hotel- Restaurants allowed to provide delivery services .
• Volunteers helping old age homes , shall be allowed to travel .
• NGOs and other helping organisations can also travel to reach out to help provided they get the permission from concerned Government Official.
• Amma Unnavagama and Community Kitchen for orphans are allowed to function.
• Print and Electronic Media are allowed as well.
• Judges and Courts are allowed too .
• Construction Companies which provide the labourers stay inside the construction site , are allowed to function.
• Lorries transporting essentials services are also allowed .
• Employees of Industries who are staying inside the company or near the company are allowed to function , only if they undergo RT PCR Test . Provided , safety precautions, sanitation and social distancing norms are followed .

As of now , Tamil Nadu has a total of 44600 COVID-19 cases. Highest number of infection cases , segmented state wise as follows:
1. Chennai – 31896
2. Chengalpattu – 2882
3. Thiruvallur – 1865
4. Kancheepuram – 709
Tamil Nadu has recorded 435 deaths so far cause of the novel Coronavirus.
The decision to announce lockdown has come when the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Eddapadi Palaniswami consulted a panel of medical experts regarding the current situation prevailing in the state .

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