Noida Markets suffer huge losses amid the spread of Coronavirus.

The Noida’s sector markets have been allowed to open on odd-even days , provided they carry out daily sanitation and social distancing at the workplace. Although even with the permission to open up their shops , the traders aren’t able to make profit out of it as there are very few customers and not much staff to carry out daily operations.
The atta market which is used to be one of the most crowded markets of Noida , has now less than 20% customers.
“Traders can’t even manage to pay for the daily operational costs. Maybe when the odd-even rule is revoked , like they have done for the Shopping Malls , we may have some hope for improvement” , said Dr CB Jha , Head of Atta Market, Noida .

The traders have been asked to follow odd-even on the basis of their shop number.
There are two reasons for the absence of customer ,
1. Customers avoid regular or frequent visits to market place in order to prevent contracting of virus.
2. Many customers are just not aware about which shop is open , when. As the shops are allowed to open on odd-even days only for specific timings.

We are not getting any business and almost every day , our traders are facing losses. Although it is difficult to assess the exact amount but we estimate that approximately Rs 20 crore of losses are being faced by the traders. We are not expecting the situation to improve anytime soon , not before the end of June at least. It may take at least a year for businesses to go back to th pre-COVID-19 scenario” , said Sushil Kumar , the President of Sector 18 Market Association and the Head of Confederation of All India Traders Association, Delhi-NCR .

“As such the customers often don’t know which shop is open and which is not . Timings are also a major challenge . Markets have to close their shops by 7:30pm – 8pm because the days are hot and humid, people generally don’t prefer to come out during morning or afternoon hours . Therefore peak hours of conducting businesses are lost. A number of shop owners , staff and customers come to this region from Delhi . Border restrictions are also providing to be a deterrent” , Jain further added.

” For example there are three stationary shops in our market which are on the same roster , so they close and open on the same day. This is leading to undue competition . Sector 41 markets has not been sanitized even once . There are no bathrooms , so no place to wash hands either. If these issues are resolved , consumer confidence may improve,” said Rohit Gujral , President of Sector 41 Market.
“We are sanitizing markets every sunday with handheld machines and portable mist machines. The Containment Zones are however being sanitized everyday. Based on the requirements, we can increase the frequency at markets as well,” said Avinash Tripathi OSD Health , Noida Authority.

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