Cure for Corona?; ‘Dexamethasone’ a new hope for people

Doctors have found information about an effective drug for the treatment of coronavirus. According to the BBC report, it is an old and inexpensive medicine which has succeeded in saving the lives of a number of seriously ill people with the coronavirus. The name of this drug is- Dexamethasone.

Mild doses of Dexamethasone help in fighting the corona. During the trial, it was found that the risk of death decreased by one-third when given this medicine to patients living on ventilators.

Whereas patients living on oxygen support benefit more from this medicine. In patients who need oxygen supply, the risk of death decreases by 1/5 using this drug.

Dexamethasone drug was included in the world’s largest trial. Researchers estimate that if this medicine were available in Britain before then, then 5000 people could be saved from Corona, because this drug is also cheap.

In one group, 20 coronavirus patients were given the drug Dexamethasone. Of these, 19 did not need to come to the hospital and they recovered. At the same time, high risk patients admitted to the hospital also benefited from this.

During many other diseases, this drug is already used to reduce inflammation. During the trial, the Oxford University team gave this medicine to about 2000 patients admitted to the hospital. These patients were compared to other 4000 patients who were not given this medicine.

Patients with ventilators also had a good effect on this drug. The risk of death decreased from 40 percent to 28 percent. Among patients who were on oxygen support, the risk of death increased from 25 percent to 20 percent. Principal Investigator Prof. Peter Horby said- So far, this is the only drug which has been successful in reducing the death rate. This is a big success.

Lead Researcher Prof. Martin Landre quoted the study as saying that this drug is saving the life of one in every 8 patients on the ventilator. At the same time, this drug was successful in saving the life of one in every 20-25 patients with oxygen support.

Martin Landre said,”It is clean, very clean. Treatment of Dexamethasone drug lasts for 10 days and it costs only Rs 481 per patient. This drug is also available worldwide.”

Professor Landre said that wherever appropriate, now this medicine should be given to the patients admitted in the hospital without any delay. But people should not buy this medicine on their own without doctors approval.

According to the report, people with mild symptoms of corona did not appear to benefit from this drug. Especially those who did not have trouble breathing.

Dexamethasone is corticosteroid, used to reduce inflammation and is used in treatment of auto-immune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis and some forms of cancer. It is a generic, low cost drug that can be used immediately and made available in large dosages by generic manufacturers like India.

India’s domestic market of the drug is Rs 104 crore, led largely by the brand Dexona manufactured and marketed by Zydus Cadila. Cadila Healthcare and Wockhardt are other manufacturers of the drug.

According to some estimates India exported Dexamethasone worth $15.34 million in the year 2019-2020 (April-January). The total volume of export in 2019-2020 (April-January) was around 534938.

Since March 2020, doctors have initiated a trial under the name ‘The Recovery Trial’ based on which many trial tests have been conducted. One of the most common drugs used in the trial was Hydroxychloroquine. But later this drug was removed from the trial since no successful results were found.

There are currently no approved treatments or vaccines for COVID-19, the illness caused by the new coronavirus which has killed more than 4,31,000 globally.

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