UPDATE: 20 Indian soldiers killed, 43 Chinese soldiers killed in violent clash over LAC in Ladakh

On Monday, 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a clash with China on LAC. Earlier on Tuesday, information about the martyrdom of one officer and two soldiers was revealed in the afternoon, but news agency ANI quoted government sources that 20 soldiers were killed in this clash. It is being told that this number can also increase.

The Indian Army has issued a statement on this entire incident. The army said that on the night of June 15, there was a violent clash in the Galvan Valley area. 20 soldiers were martyred in this incident.

Due to the conflict between China and the Indian Army, there was an alert in the areas of the Chinese border adjacent to Himachal Pradesh. With the alert, Himachal Police alerted all the intelligence agencies of the state. Advisory was also issued to ensure the safety of the people living in the district Kinnaur and Lahaul Spiti in the state. China borders with two districts of Himachal, Kinnaur and Lahaul Spiti.

Earlier, the Ministry of External Affairs had issued a statement on this incident. The Ministry of External Affairs has said that India has always respected LAC and China should also do so. The ministry said that what happened yesterday at the LAC could have been avoided. Both countries have suffered.

In the afternoon on Tuesday, an official statement issued by the Indian Army said that during the process of de-escalation on Monday night in the Galvan Valley, there were violent clashes between the soldiers of India and China. During this, one officer and two soldiers of the Indian Army were martyred.

After this incident, the official statement of Chinese Foreign Ministry also came out. Beijing on the contrary accused India of infiltrating. According to the international news agency AFP, Beijing alleges that Indian soldiers crossed the border and attacked Chinese soldiers. It was said by the Chinese Foreign Ministry that India should not act unilaterally in such a situation.

Sattelite pictures have surfaced which shows shocking visuals about the China during the de-escalation process.

The satellite images show that despite being massively outnumbered by Chinese troops and losing at least 20 men, the Indian side is still holding its ground at Galwan, day after the clashes.

The sattelite images were taken less than 24 hours after the carnage on the night of June 15.

High resolution satellite image from Ground Zero taken on June 16 show a massive continuing build-up by the Chinese side despite the de-escalation agreement at the Lt Gen-level on June 6.

In this image, Chinese troops in this area have vastly outnumbered the Indian Army soldiers. Over 200 military vehicles and several tents can still be seen present in the area even after the clashes and the disengagement talks.

It proves China’s betrayal less than 10 days after agreeing to disengage and de-escalate the tension in Galwan Valley that has been going on for months. 

Chinese troops are distributed in three parts. The forward build up is followed by two trails directed towards the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Hundreds of military vehicles lined up on the Chinese side as well as encampments distributed in middle and backward parts of the Chinese trail.

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