Get ready for Unlock 2.0 , says PM Modi .

Narendra Modi had asked the Chief Ministers of 14 states and the Lieutenant Governor of a Union Territory to gear up for Unlock 2.0, which will follow up the graded opening of economic activities under Unlock 1.0 since June 1.
He made this statement, while addressing the Chief Ministers in a 2 day video conferencing with the Chief Ministers and Lieutenant Governor , over COVID-19.
PM Modi even hinted that the kind of lockdown the nation went through in the previous months , April-May , is unlikely to happen again.
“We need to fight against rumours of lockdown since the country is now in the phase of Unlocking. We need to think about Phase-2 of Unlock and how to minimize harm to our people” , he concluded.

In the beginning, he even stated that the country is in a country was in a vastly better position now with regard to testing samples , supply of personnel protective equipments and quarantine centres . With greater need to utilize the testing capacity to fullest and make sure whoever contracts the virus , is provided with proper facilities.
He pointed to the supply of ventilators being fulfilled by PM Cares Fund. Also quarantine centres and beds being available as a part of increase capacity.
“Our priority should be increasing health infrastructure” , he added.
The states have been asked to boost infrastructure and revive construction-related activities.
He even emphasized that the number of people recovered is way bigger than the number of people died , so people have to stay strong through the process even if they contract the virus and not to give upon hope too soon.
The Chief Ministers of the following states :
1. Maharashtra
2. Tamil Nadu
3. Delhi
4. Gujarat
5. Bihar
6. West Bengal
7. Rajasthan
8. Karnataka
9. Andhra Pradesh
10. Telangana
11. Odisha
12. Uttar Pradesh
13. Madhya Pradesh
14. Haryana
Also , the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir were a part of the video conferencing meeting.

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