30 apps banned by Google.

Recently , Google had removed 30 applications from the Google play Store, as these apps were responsible for not only causing malware threats but also for popping up of unwanted advertisements and directing to random webpages , without even clicking on any link .

Some of those which have been removed were quite popular already. Almost 20 million people had already downloaded these apps . Due to security reasons they have been banned in the best interest of the public using them.
Security Researches at WhiteOps have issued a warning against these 30 aps which have been banned.
There were some cases where the users weren’t even able to remove / uninstall these apps from their devices/ mobile phones.
Most of these apps were designed to cater the audience looking for enhancing selfies and beautifying them.

A List of these 30 apps is given below , one can refer to it and get rid of them in order to avoid privacy issues in future .
1. Yoroko Camera – 100k Installs
2. Solu Camera – 500k Installs
3. Life Beauty Camera – 1million Installs
4. Beauty Collage Lite – 500k Installs
5. Beauty and Filters Camera – 1million Installs
6. Photo Collage and Beauty Camera – 100k Installs
7. Beauty Camera Selfie Filter – 10k Installs
8. Gaty Beauty Camera – 500k Installs
9. Pand Selfie Beauty Camera – 50k Installs
10. Caoon Photo Editor and Selfie Beauty Camera – 1million Installs
11. Benbu Beauty Selfie Camera -1million Installs
12. Pinut Beauty Selfie camera and Photo Editor – 1million Installs
13. Mood Photo Editor and Selfie Beauty Camera – 500k Installs
14. Rose Photo Editor and Selfie Beauty Camera – 1million Installs
15. Selfie Beauty Camera and Photo Editor – 100k Installs
16. Fog Selfie Beauty Camera – 100k Installs
17. First Selfie Beauty Camera and Photo Editor – 500k Installs
18. Vanu Selfie Beauty Camera- 100k Installs
19. Sun Pro Beauty Camera – 1million Installs
20. Funny Sweet Beauty Camera- 500k Installs
21. Little Bee Beauty Camera- 1million Installs
22. Beauty Camera and Photo Editor Pro – 1million Installs
23. Grass Beauty Camera- 1million Installs
24. Ele Beauty Camera – 1million Installs
25. Flower Beauty Camera – 100k Installs
26. Best Selfie Beauty Camera – 1million Installs
27. Orange Camera- 500k Installs
28. Sunny Beauty Camera- 1million Installs
29. Pro Selfie Beauty Camera – 500k Installs
30. Elegant Beauty Cam – 2019 – 50k Installs

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