Noida Police defies Amit Shah’s call on travel strategies, intense checking at Noida border

On Thursday Union Home Minister Amit Shah, declared that Delhi-NCR will be treated as a single entity while devising Covid-19 measures.

Even after this new inter state movement regulations Noida Police resorted to intense checking at the Delhi-NCR border on Friday.

Commuters passing through the entry points on DND Flyway, Chilla and Kalindi Kunj said that police did rigorous checking of something none of them had witnessed while commuting earlier. The checking was done till late afternoon. Prior to this checking was relaxed from afternoon onwards.

Brajesh Sharma, one of the commuters and witness, a senior executive with PSU said that cops scanned his documents longer than expected. 

“For people with papers, checking had been merely reduced to formality. But on Friday, the cops were stopping each and every commuter and asking them for their e-passes. Since I have my government ID, I was allowed to go without any hassle,” he said.

The UP government had earlier told the Center and the Supreme Court that sealing of the border was needed to stop transmission through travelling.  The source of the increasing number of cases in UP was linked to Delhi.

On Friday, Noida police said they would abide by the existing  directives on inter-state movement until the UP government came up with fresh orders.

The checking led to long lines of cars on both sides of the DND Flyway. Three lanes were opened for commuting while the rest were closed.

Commuters had to wait in long queues amidst the heat for their turn. Later in the afternoon however the checking was relaxed.

According to cops only those will be allowed to cross the border who hold valid Ids and passes.

“We have no fresh orders from the state government on opening the borders. Remarks on strategies may have been made at the meeting, but we will follow the instructions issued to us by the state government. As of now, we will allow only those commuters who have valid passes or those who fall under the exempted category,” said additional DCP (Noida) Ranvijay Singh.

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