Ready and Deployed, as Border tension increases between India and China.

IAF Chief, RKS Bhadauria commented that the forces are Ready and Deployed, incase if any contingency takes place . As the border tension increases between India and China , in Ladakh region along the LAC ( Line of Actual Control) .

“We are well prepared and suitably deployed to respond to any contingency . I assure the nation we are determined to deliver and will not let the sacrifices of jawans go in vain” , said Bhadauria at the Combined Passing Out Ceremony , which took place in Hyderabad.
On 17-18th of June , 2020 , the Air Chief Bhadauria had made a visit to the forward bases , located in Kashmir and Ladakh , in order to review the arrangements to carry out operations, if needed . The IAF’s new acquisitions, Apache and Chinook Helicopters , can also be easily spotted in the skies of Ladakh.

The Apache , which is an attack based Helicopter, is equipped with Hellfire air-to-ground missiles and rockets. Also, known as the Tank Killer.
Whereas, Chinook is a heavy lift chopper , that can transport troops and howitzers to the areas of high altitude.

There has been increased air-activity on the Chinese side .To which Bhadauria said, ” During this period , China deploys a lot of aircrafts for training but this time the deployment has been higher. Whenever we see unusual movement , we deploy our our assets to check what is going on . We are aware of the situation, be it at LAC or beyond , be it their air deployment or their posture”.

India has activated all its airbases in the northeastern border side , ranging from Ley to Hashimara . While at the same time , they also have their attention on the 8 Chinese airbases and airfields in Tibet .

Group Captain MJ Augustine , who holds a lot of flying experience in Ladakh , feels that India has an upper hand when it comes to launch air strikes, “In Tibet , other than Hotan , there are no airbases that can launch fighter planes. It is wide open for destruction by surface to surface missiles and air strikes because it is devoid of any blast pens. The nearest support base is 400km away in Kasghar”, he said .

Few days back , 20 Indian Army personnel were killed in a clash with Chinese troops in the Galwan Valley . This has been the biggest military clash between the two countries , in the last 5 decades between the 2 nations , leading to increased tensions at the border.

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