Will India lose its allies?: China pursues Bangladesh now, after winning Nepal on its sides

Over the past few weeks India-China relations have hit rock bottom. The recent clashes at Galwan Valley further deteriorated the ties.

Amidst the tensions when India-China relation is hanging by a thread, China seems to have found a new way to bully India.

Beijing seems to be aggressively wooing Bangladesh, India’s one of the strongest allies in the neighborhood. 

After a brief tension between Nepal and India, Nepal has also redrawn its map to include some Indian territories, presumably under a nudge from China.

India is adopting various measures to retaliate and avenge the death of the 20 martyrs. The main attempt is to hurt Chinese economy. In response to this Beijing has reached out to Dhaka by offering to waive off 97% tariff on 5,161 items that Bangladesh trades with China.

Dhaka has asked for this waiver from China saying it is a ”less developed country”, to which Beijing responded favourably on June 16. 

“Tariff Commission of the state council of ministry of finance of the People’s Republic of China issued a notice dated on 16 June on granting zero treatment to 97% of tariff products of Bangladesh. This will come into effect from 1st July,” Bangladesh foreign office said in a statement.

This will benefit Dhaka’s tariff free trade on 3,095 products with Beijing under the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement.

This development between Beijing and Dhaka may lead to tensions between the relation of Delhi and Dhaka. It will lead to certain discomfort as Delhi sees Bangladesh as a strong ally. 

Indo-Bangla ties were made strong over years and have kept China afar. But the growing closeness between China-Bangla relations may prove harmful for India.

Last year, India and Bangladesh relations met a setback over India’s National Register Citizens (NRC) and the Citizenship Amendment Act. 

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