Meteorite resembling object falls from the sky in Rajasthan.

A Meteorite resembling object had fallen from the sky into Sanchore of Rajasthan state . The incident took place in June,2020. The object has been weighed as approximately equal to 7.8kg. It even resulted in a huge-deep crater in the Earth’s sufrace.

When it had fallen from the sky , an enormously loud sound was heard uptil 2km . The locals putting up in the near community had reported the matter regarding the sudden explosion, to the police. The object was quite hot as it was emitting heat , leaving the localites by shock .

“We have inspected the site where the object had fallen from the sky with a loud sound. Prime facie , it appears to be piece of Meteorite , which has been seized and kept as safe as it shall be sent to the lab for further examination” , said Bhupendra Yadav , Sub Divisional Magistrate.

As per a test conducted on the object , in a private lab located at a Jeweller’s Shop in Sanchore , it confirmed about the properties of the object obtained : It had metallic properties of Germanium , Platinum , Nickel and Iron
• 10.23% of Nickel
• 85.86% of Iron
• 0.5% of Platinum
• 0.78% of Cobbit
• 0.02% of Geranium
• 0.01% of Antimony
• 0.01% of Niobium
• 3.02% of Others
The Meteorite like object is deposited in the Sanchore Police Station , the place where it had fallen has been sealed off .
The team of Geologists in the Geographical Survey of India’s Ahmedabad and Jaipur office have been assigned the duty to carry out further examination in this matter.

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