Petrol & Diesel Prices again see a hike in India.

Petrol and Diesel prices have been hiked by 8 Rupees in 15 days. The prices were increased for the 15th consecutive day , on 21st of June,2020.

In Delhi , A 19-month high has been recorded by the Petrol price which is now close to touch 80 Rupees, very soon.
Whereas, Diesel is going through the all-time high.

After the lates price hike of 35 Paise in Petrol and 60 Paise in Diesel , Petrol has gone up by 7.97 Rupees a litre
Whereas , Diesel has gone up by 8.89 Rupees a litre.

Latest Petrol and Diesel Prices in top cities of India :
1. New Delhi – Petrol : 79.23 Rupees, Diesel: 78.27 Rupees
2. Gurgaon – Petrol: 77.48 Rupees, Diesel : 70.74 Rupees
3. Mumbai – Petrol : 86.04 Rupees, Diesel : 76.69 Rupees
4. Chennai – Petrol : 82.58 Rupees, Diesel: 75.80 Rupees

Reports suggests , that coming up days are most likely to see hike in Petrol-Diesel prices again , as companies are trying to cover up for the losses which had occurred because of the increased excise duty on fuel.

The Government had hiked the excise duty on Petrol and Diesel by 3 Rupees per litre on each of them , on March 14 , 2020.
Then again on May 5 , 2020 , 10 Rupees per litre in case of Petrol and 13 Rupees per litre in case of Diesel was recorded.

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