Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse June 21,2020.

The Solar Eclipse which took place on 21st of June ,2020 is known as the Annual Solar Eclipse or Ring of Fire as well. This was the first Solar Eclipse of year 2020. Moon’s shadow had turned the Sun into a ring of fire , since a major part of the Sun was hidden by Moon’s silhouette .Its advised not to view Solar Eclipse with bare eyes , as it can damage your eyesight , in some cases it may even lead to permanent blindness, so wearing protective gear is recommended, if one wants to view the Solar Eclipse.

During Solar Eclipse , temples were closed across all over India , from Krishna Temples in Vrindavan to Ganga Temples in Haridwar . Though the Srikalhasti Shiva Temple, which is located in Andhra Pradesh, remained open to perform ‘Grahan’ related rituals.
Several precautions are taken when Solar Eclipse takes place , it’s also recommended , not to cook food during Eclipse as the rays of the Solar Eclipse can spoil the food which can lead to indigestion. The reason behind this is that absence of sunlight activates the bacteria , which can get into the food and damage all the nutrients in it.
Given below are the images of Solar Eclipse taken in various parts of India and around the world .
Image Courtesy: ANI

In India the Solar Eclipse had begun from 9:15am in morning and lasted for approximately 6 hours straight. The partial Solar Eclipse in Delhi had ended at 1:48pm .
It wasn’t only the Indian subcontinent who witnessed the Solar Eclipse of June 21 ,2020 but various other parts of the world like Asia , Africa , The Indian Ocean and parts of Europe and Australia also did.

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