Delhi govt to give pulse oximeters to those in home isolation: CM Kejriwal

On Monday Delhi Chief Minister said that his government will provide oximeters to Covid-19 patients who are under home isolation to keep a track of their oxygen level.

The device helps in determining the oxygen saturation level in your body. Oxygen saturation is an indication of the percentage of hemoglobin carrying oxygen in the body. The device uses red light and infrared light to determine if the oxygen level in the blood is going down as oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin absorbs light in different ways. It is safe and non-invasive in determining oxygen level in blood.

Kejriwal made this announcement over an online press briefing addressing the nation’s fight against Covid-19.

In his address he said that patients suffering from corona at times suddenly feel breathlessness as the oxygen level in their blood falls.

“If the oxygen level of the patient falls below a certain level, the family can call up on a particular number and a district team would reach their house with an oxygen concentrator. In case the health deteriorates he/she will be immediately shifted to a hospital. The pulse oximeter can be returned to the government after the patient recovers,” the chief minister added.

There are around 12,000 people under home isolation and they will be given pulse oximeters by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government, he said.

In his briefing he also brought into notice the number of beds available.

He said that about 7,000 beds are available for Covid-19 patients out of which 6,200 are occupied. 

“On June 12, 5300 beds were occupied. In the last 10 days, only 900 additional beds have been occupied. It means either almost the same number of patients recuperated and went back home as the new patients or there were fewer serious cases where the hospitalisation was required,” Kejriwal further added.

He also said that the number of tests in the national capital has been increased by three times. Currently around 18,000 tests are conducted per day in the city, an attempt of his government to fight against coronavirus effectively.

“I hope those going for their Covid test will not face any problem. We have also started a rapid antigen test whose report is known within 30 minutes,” the chief minister added.

Kejriwal also mentioned about the joint forces of Delhi government and the Center working towards stopping the spread of the infection and its attempt to contain it.

In his briefing he also took out a moment to speak about the India-China border face-off and commented on how India is fighting two wars against China. 

One war is against China in the border and one against the coronavirus that China had brought on the face of the world.

He said that the entire country should be together and united in the two wars.

He shed a light on the scarifice of doctors and nurses fighting the virus and on the other hand our brave soldiers keeping their lives at stake for the nation. 

In this fight the entire country is standing in support, he added.

“Twenty of our brave soldiers did not back down, we will also not retreat and win both wars against China,” he said, adding, “This is not the time for politics, all of us have to fight the wars together.”

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