Both nations don’t need any help from outside, says Russia on India-China border dispute.

Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister , during the Russia-India-China (RCI) trilateral meeting had said that , “I don’t think that India and China need any help from outside . I don’t think they need to be helped , especially when it comes to country issues . They can solve them on their own , it means the recent event.”
Rajnath Singh, the Defence Minister of India , made a 3 day visit to Russia , where the India-China border dispute was raised up .

Russia had simply ruled out to act as a mediator between the two nations , India and China.
Whereas the External Affair Minister of India , S Jaishankar , highlighted the need of recognising a legitimate interest of partners in a multilateral set up and following ethos of international relations. This was done in the presence of Chinese Foreign Minister, Wangi Yi.
When the Corps Commander level talks had taken place between the two nations , a mutual decision to disengage was taken. The meeting ran for 10 hours in a ‘cordial , positive and constructive atmosphere’ .

Few days back , clashes took place between India and China at the border , which resulted in 20 of our Indian soldiers sacrificing their lives at the war front. Since then the Indian public is full of rage and anger . Several Campaigns have been started nationwide to boycott the use of Chinese products-services.  

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