50,000 Made-in-India ventilators , to be financed by PM Cares Fund.

The amount of Rs 2000 crore has been separated away for the production of 50,000 Made-in-India ventilators.

3000 of the total 50;000 have alread been sancted whereas , 1300 have been out for delivery to various states. In an official statement , it said as ” So far 2923 ventilators have been manufactured out of which 1430 ventilators have already been delivered to the States/UTs. ” By the end of the current month, 14000 ventilators will be delivered to all States/Uts in India.

On the 14th of May, 2020 , Rs 3100 Crore was decided to allocated from the PM Cares Fund to the fight the ongoing pandemic , COVID-19.
Out of those 50k ventilators, 30k are beinv produced alone by Bharat Electronics Ltd . , which is a government undertaking.
The rest of the 20k ventilators are to be produced by :
1. AgVa Healthcare – 10,000
2. AMTZ Basic – 5650
3. AMTZ High End- 4000
4. Allied Medidal – 350
Not only ventilators, the PM Cares Fund has been used to bring some relief to lives of migrant workers as well , who were stranded across various parts of the county , seeking to return back to their respective homes , they have been alloted Rs 1000 crore .

On the basis of 2011 census , funds are being allotes to states. The main recipients of the grants are :
1. Maharashtra – Rs 181 Crore
2. Uttar Pradesh – Rs 103 Crore
3. Tamil Nadu – Rs 83 Cror3
4. Gujarat – Rs 66 Crore
5. Delhi – Rs 55 Crore
6. Bengal – Rs 53 Crore
7. Bihar – Rs 51 Crore
8. Madhya Pradesh – Rs 50 Crore
9. Rajasthan – Rs 50 Crore
10. Karnataka – Rs 34 Crore
PM’s Citizens Assitence and Relief in Emergency Situations Funds (PM-CARES Fund) , is a trust where people contribute financially to help the Government battle novel Coronavirus.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi had launched this trust on 27th of March , 2020. The trust is headed by PM himself , with Defence, Home and and Finance Minister as its official members as well.

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