Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali launches a medicine , which claims to cure Coronavirus.

Yoga Guru , Ramdev’s company Patanjali, will launch an ayurvedic medicine , which claims to cure the novel Coronavirus.
The ayurvedic medicine, Coronil tablet , will be launched on 23rd of June , 2020 at Patanjali Yogpeeth in Haridwar.
Acharya Balakrishna , the MD of Patanjali Ayurveda , claimed that the company has been able to come up with an ayurvedic medicine for the cure of Coronavirus , that too within the span of 3-14 days .

Various claims regarding the Coronil Tablet have been made by Baba Ramdev on the developing of medicine, some of them are as follows :
• The medicine is being tested upon mice . 
• The ayurvedic medicine tablet will be made available in all Patanjali stores within a week.
• Patanjali plans to launch an app for the delivery of Coronavirus kit .
• The medicine is to be tested upon , people on ventilators as well .
“We have prepared the first ayurvedic-clinically controlled, research, evidence and trial base medicine for COVID-19 . We conducted a clinical case study and clinically controlled trial and found out that 69% of the patients recovered in 3 days and 100% patients recovered in 7 days” , said Ramdev . 
As of now , since the medicine has been just launched, there isn’t any update on how well or affective the medicine has proven to  be . India has already 440k confirmed  cases of COVID-19 infections with Maharashtra and Delhi being on the top of the list , of the highest number of infections recorded till date as per state wise .

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