Trial of coronil was done on patients with mild symptoms, claims Patanjali in report

The vaccine that can defeat the epidemic like Coronavirus has not yet been made in the world. But on Tuesday, Yoga guru Ramdev’s organization Patanjali claimed to make its medicine and launched Coronil. However, right now the Ministry of AYUSH has stopped it and asked for complete information.

It is now known that this medicine of Patanjali has not been tested on any serious patient suffering from Coronavirus, only those who have had very few symptoms of Coronavirus have been tested.

According to the research paper filed by Patanjali in the Ministry of AYUSH, the clinical test of coronil has been done on 120 such patients, in which the symptoms of coronavirus were very low. The age of these patients was between 15 and 80 years.

The Ministry was told by Patanjali Research Foundation Trust that this clinical trial was done at the National Institute of Medical Science and Research in Jaipur. It has been claimed that they have followed every rule, as well as kept the DG of Ayurvedic Science Central Council in the loop.

When Patanjali announced coronil on Tuesday, it was discussed everywhere. But later the Ministry of AYUSH stopped its publicity and asked Patanjali for every information about it. The Ministry said that they do not know any claim of this medicine.

According to Pantjali’s claim, the first clinical trial of this medicine was conducted on a patient on 29 May. In this, 69 percent recovery is claimed in the first three days and 100 percent recovery in seven days. Soon its full result will be released.

The study claimed that for this, treatment efforts through Ayurveda were increased. It was screened from 100 medical plants. Also, the research found that Ashwagandha, Giloy and Tulsi helped in the fight against Covid-19. It was tested on the basis of the RT-PCR test, which was done on the third, seventh and fourteenth day.

Significantly, on Tuesday afternoon, after Patanjali’s claim, the Ministry of AYUSH had asked for some basic information from the company. In which patients were tested, where and in which hospital this test was done. What kind of sample size, what procedure was adopted and what result came. Apart from this, many questions related to medicine were asked and to the complete satisfaction, the promotion of this medicine was banned.

According to Ramdev, he has also taken many approvals regarding clinical control trials. For example, ethical approval, approval of CTIR and registration is also included. Ramdev said that even though people may raise questions on this claim right now, we have answers to all the questions. We have followed all the scientific rules.

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