Delhi High Court allows Government to take actions against Hospitals if they do not give real update on availability of beds.

Delhi High Court has allowed the Central and State Government to take strict action against any Hospital , if they are found not giving real update on availability of beds. 
4 Hospitals, named as the following were caught for not updating the real availability of beds :
1. RML
2. GTB
3. Saroj
4. Apollo

It has been suggested that the communication gap between the Hospitals and Government needs to be worked upon for which dedicated officers shall be made to ensure proper implementation.
The existing officers in COVID-19 Hospitals have also been warned. ” If they(officers) are not obeying your order everything will go in vain” , said the division bench headed by Chief Justice DN Patil and Justice Prateek Jalan.

The court had also aksed to increase in the number of ambulances for both COVID-19 infected patients as well as non COVID-19 patients.

The Delhi High Court was hearing Suo Motu petition where a video of a Delhi resident was shown who was denied a bed and ventilator at a private hospital.

Rahul Mehra , who represented the Delhi Government counsel, told that they were already 15-20 days ahead in regard of testing kits .
He even mentioned that the Delhi Government has started an intiative to help out stressed  Doctors and frontline workers from the psychological trauma they are being through.
He had submitted a report which stated that 4000 to 5000 beds are lying vacant in private hospitals.  

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