“Remember 1962” , says Sharad Pawar in a conflict of words with a Congress leader .

Sharad Pawar made a comment in response to Rahul Gandhi’s claim that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had surrender Indian territory to China , this was in context to the recent clash between India and China at the border.

Sharad had said , one cannot forget that in 1962 , China had captured approximately 45000 sq km of India’s land during a clash between the two nations.
“The land is still with China. I don’t know if they (China) have enroached on some area now again. But when I make an allegation, I should also see what had happened when I was there (in power). If such big land was enroached upon then , it cannot be ignored. It is a matter of national security and it should not be politicised is what I feel” , commented Sharad Pawar in response to Rahul Gandhi of Congress.

As per Pawar , the Galwan Valley incident can not be directly blamed at the Defence Minister, since Indian Soldiers were all alert during the patrolling , it was China who played the role of provocateur, what could the Defence Minister in Delhi have done in this at that time , in his opinion.
Sharad had said , “What happened was the way (the Chinese troops) tried to enroach on our road and were pushed physically . It wss not somebody’s failure . If somebody comes (with your territory) while you are patrolling, they may come at anytime . We cannot say that its the failure of the Defence Minister sitting in Delhi” .

” Patrolling was on there. There was scuffle , which means your were alert. Had you not been , you would not have even realised , when they (Chinese troops) came and went . Hence I don’t think its the right time to make such an allegation at this juncture “, said Pawar in defense to the claim of Indian Soldiers being at patrolling during the incident .

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