From Coronavirus to India-China clash , Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the nation via Mann ki Baat.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the public of India , on his monthly radio show , Mann Ki Baat.
He took to discuss issues ranging from the nation striving to deal with COVID-19 to India-China clash at the Galwan Valley.

The following are the highlights from PM’s address to the nation :
1. Arrival of Monsoon in various parts of India. Good Monsoon is predicted ahead.
2. Coronavirus has changed the way people live today.
3. Boosting immunity is the main focus of everyone , all around the world.
4. The objective today is , ‘Aatamnirbhar Bharat’.
5. “If you are vocal for local , you are doing service for your country” , said PM.
6. No mission can be possible without everyone’s participation.
7. Focus on 2 things , to revive economy and defeat Coronavirus.
8. Indoor games like Snakes and Ladders have been part of our tradition since long time back and have been given to the world by India only .
9. These indoor games need to be propagated to the future generations.
10. “Families of martyerd Indian Army Soldiers have shown immense courage” , said PM
11. The whole country mourns the death of soldiers , who were martyerd in Ladakh.
12. “Our brave soldiers have shown that they will never let the country down” , said PM.
13. Narasimha Rao led India at a very crucial time in India’s history.
14. Stress on eco-friendly idols for Ganesh Chaturthi
15. Adoption of rain water harvesting in schools of Vadodra.
16. Ginger and Turmeric in great demand as they boost immunity.
17. To be more cautious during the unlock and follow social distancing.  

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