4 men trying to uproot an ATM , arrested by Noida Police.

Noida Police arrested 4 men , who tried to uproot an ATM , with all the cash in it and were trying to run away with it.
The arrest took place after a heated chase between the Police and the accused .
The chase involved shootout as well , which caused two of the accused severe injury.

The accused which have been arrested by the Police are as follows :
• Rahul – age as 27 years old
• Parvez – age as 24 years old
• Mukesh – age as 23 years old
• Arun – age as 21 years old
As per the Police , all 4 of them are natives of Hapur , Uttar Pradesh , only .

Out of the accused , Rahul and Parvez were the one’s who got injured and were rushed to the hospital. They were shot by the Police when they were trying to flee .
The other two members were taken in custody meanwhile .

The incident had taken place in Phase 2 Police Station Area Noida , at somewhat 1 am in night when the accused were spotted at the ATM vestibule by a Police Team at patrolling.
“The accused were inside the ATM vestibule and trying to uproot it. They were spotted by the policemen patrolling the area and the four men immediately rushed to their vehicle parked outside the vestibule” , a Police spokesperson said.

Just then all the local Police Officers were informed about them till then they had fled away in their Haryana-registered Hatchback.
“They were fleeing but their car hit the central verge of the road in Sector 88 . By that time they were surrounded by policemen , including a PRV team.
The accused left the vehicle and opened fire on Policemen while trying to flee” , said the Police spokesperson.

As per the Noida Police Officer , Ankur Aggarwal , the accused have been involved in similar crimes like this in the past as well .

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