#BoycottNetflix trends on Twitter as Telugu film ‘Krishna and His Leela’ hurts religious sentiments

Online streaming platform Netflix is ​​once again on the target of users. This time, people are furious about the Telugu film Krishna And His Leela released on Netflix. #BoycottNetflix is ​​trending fast on Twitter. People are expressing their anger with this hashtag. People have criticized Netflix, appealing not to insult God of any religion.

The film depicts the story of a man named Krishna, how he creates affairs and sexual relations with several girls, one of them being named Radha. The names of the Hindu deities in a show with erotic content has irked people.

In such a situation, people are comparing Krishna in the film to Lord Krishna. They also say that Netflix is ​​messing with Indian culture and religious sentiments by showing sexual content.

Individuals have named the show as Hinduphobic and an affront to the religion. The netizens are presently calling out Netflix for showcasing explicit contents through its shows.

In any case, Twitter users appeared to be divided into two gatherings over the issue. While one side is forcefully requiring a blacklist, the other one is contemplating over what the explanation is.

As usual with netizens being netizens there is also another side to the story which has taken up the form of memes.

The film is directed by Ravikant Perepu. The film stars Sidhu Jonalgadda and Shraddha Sainath in the lead roles. The two female characters in the film are Satyabhama and Radha. Krishna and His Leela is streamed on Netflix on 25 June.

The makers of this film include Bahubaldev’s Rana Daggubati of Bahubali, due to which Rana is also the target of people’s anger.

Over the past few days, netizens have also been enraged over the subtitles used for the Bengali folk song, “Kolonkini Radha”, used in the Netflix-released film, “Bulbul”. People are complaining about the lines “Kanha haramzada” in the song and over a translated subtitle that goes “shameless hussy” while referring to Radha in the song, while demanding #BoycottNetflix.

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