Indians in China going through guilt post-India-China clash at the border.

Thousands of Indian Software Professionals, Garment Exporters, Businessmen and many other Indians are caught amidst the ongoing war between the two nations. These people have been settled in Bejing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, for years and some of them have even married out of local Chinese public only.
As all social media platforms are flooded with Indians full of rage against China, these Indians who are living in China are being called out as unpatriotic for not returning back to their motherland India.
Hashtags like #IndiaunitedagainstChina, #IndiawillcrushChina and much more alike are trending all over India.

As there is the spread of novel Coronavirus, 490 Indians who had lost their jobs, were enlisted to return back to India via Vande Bharat Evacuation Flights on 20th and 29th of June,2020. Though many over there, feel that staying back there in China doesn’t make anyone less patriotic or a traitor as things have anyway started to normalize post the pandemic.
The scenario over here is no different than those countries where Indians are less willing to return back to their homeland.

“There is no panic. we have complete freedom and have no problems with the local authorities. Neighbours are friendly and concerned about our well being. Why should we want to return to India?”, said Shashi Shiraguppi to TOI over call, who lives in Shenzhen, China but is a native of Bangalore, India.
Since in China, the pandemic is still under control unlike India, which ranks 4th in the list of the countries that are worst hit by the virus.
” For us, it is the safest here in China when the COVID pandemic is ranging across the globe”, said Kumar a Delhi native but has taken a job in Dalian, China since 2008.

A few days back, clashes took place between India and China at the border, which resulted in 20 of our Indian soldiers sacrificing their lives at the war front. Since then the Indian public is full of rage and anger. Several Campaigns have been started nationwide to boycott the use of Chinese products-services.  

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