Seeing electricity bill, Taapsee Pannu gets a shock, shares copy on social media

Bollywood celebs are known for their royal life. Fans are also impressed by their lifestyle. Imagine if these celebrities started complaining about a higher bill, and if they too get a big shock when they see a bill, it will be an extraordinary circumstance. Situations as such are rarely seen and something like this happened to Taapsee Pannu.

Taapsee Pannu’s electricity bill has skyrocketed so much that she is surprised. The actress has received such a shock that she has expressed her displeasure on social media by tweeting. Taapsee tweeted and said- Three months have gone by in lockdown, and I am wondering which devices I have used or bought for such an increase in bill . How are you making electricity bills?

Taapsee has tagged Adani Electricity in her tweet. Now because her bill comes from there, she has asked them these questions. Along with that, Taapsee has told a surprising thing by tweeting more.

If Taapsee is to be believed, one of her apartments is such that no one lives there, but the electricity bill has also come there. Taapsee writes – Now this is the bill of the apartment where no one lives. It is visited only once a week for cleaning purposes only. But now I am worried that someone is  using this apartment, that too without informing us.

These tweets of Taapsee Pannu are going viral on social media currently. Different reactions of people are being seen. Most people are enjoying Taapsee’s tweet. A user writes – They give bills according to the film collection. Many other users are also having fun by making such comments.

Before Taapsee, even stars like Veer Das, Amaira Dastur, Richa Chadha were upset with their increased electricity bill. It is surprising that everyone is facing problems in Mumbai and these electricity bills have also increased in lockdown.

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