• Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek are ‘clinically stable’, the doctor said, not requiring aggressive treatment for COVID-19.
  • Shivraj gave the division of departments on the 11th day of the expansion of the cabinet, gave the health department to Dr. Prabhuram Chaudhary.
  • Video CEO conferencing Google CEO Sundar Pichai to PM Modi, Sundar Pichai said that Google is excited to make several announcements for India’s digitization. Google will invest 75,000 crore rupees in the next 5-7 years in India.
  • Russia’s Sechinov University claimed that it is going to the forefront of preparing the first corona vaccine. It is named Gam-COVID-Vac Lyo. According to the university, the vaccine trial on humans was successful.
  • The Supreme Court said that the Travancore royal family of Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple will take care of the temple.
  • The number of corona patients in the country crosses 878,254 of which 553,471 people have been cured, while the same number of deaths crosses 23,174.
  • In the last 24 hours, 28701 new cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the country, 500 deaths.
  • In Maharashtra, the number of corona-infected patients is 259383 and the total death rate is over 10 thousand, so in the last 24 hours, 6,497 new positive cases were reported.
  • Rajasthan Deputy CM Sachin Pilot has said that he has not kept any condition of the agreement, his talks with any high command.
  • Congress Legislature Party meeting to be held tomorrow, Priyanka may also be involved.

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